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When times are hard, there’s always this blog where I can flood with my chain of thoughts… This blog has been left empty for the last six months since December but that doesn’t mean that my life has been smooth sailing… I just couldn’t find the motivation to click that “Add New Post” button…

Let me recap the last six months and bring this blog’s timeline back to the present…

The week following the last blog post, I passed out from Basic Military Training Centre, Quebec Company.

Towards the end of 2008, I was posted to School of Infantry Specialists, Charlie Company for Basic Section Leader Course.

After the first month of my course, I requested to go Out Of Course because I knew I am physically unfit to become a Specialist. I couldn’t pass my IPPT, even on the second last day of BSLC, which caused me to fail my course. The notion of not being able to pass the course slowly took its toll on me. I started to have sleepless nights, migraines, became physically and mentally exhausted. The stress didn’t motivate me, it broke me… It even got me SOL…

Eventually, I failed the course and went out of course. Yes, many say it’s a waste because I went through every training but I am grateful for what I have. I have good memories of my supportive commanders who did not give up on me until the end, my crazy section mates who went through the 8 weeks with me, bunch of enthusiastic people I know in Charlie Company and group of OOCs I met at Hotel Company. It doesn’t even matter to me that I didn’t get a Corporal rank because I’ve experienced more than others already…

Despite being told the group of OOCs will recourse, I was posted out to Unit. In the beginning, Unit’s lifestyle was a little weird to fit into because the lifestyles in School and Unit are immensely different. Slowly, I blend into the Unit, made friends, was given opportunities to perform and I am currently very happy in my Unit. My “fire” died in Traning School but somehow it started to burn again…

This entry more or less summarises what happened in my Service for the last six months… Hopefully this “resurrects” my habit to blog so I can relieve some of my sorrows here, sort them out and get some headway to what’s next…

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It was Winnie’s Birthday gathering at Wala Wala on Saturday. It was nice catching up with some Polytechnic friends after quite awhile, since my enlistment. I didn’t drink at Wala because I don’t want to be dehydrated for my 24KM Route March on Wednesday morning and also I have a Sentosa outing on Sunday. I told Yi Ling we’ll meet after Xhi Ween and I POP from BMT so we’ll meet real soon…

I cannot recall when was my last visit to Sentosa… It must have been long… I went to Sentosa yesterday with some of my BMT-mates. We wanted to go since last week but we didn’t really had the time to plan properly but it went well enough. We had a good turnout, more than enough Pot Luck and sufficient to drink.

We didn’t really plan what to do but eventually it became 4-on-4 Soccer on the beach, Monkey on the seabed and babewatching. We’re all burnt! After Sentosa, we went to VivoCity for arcade and Burger King dinner before heading home.

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I booked out on Friday night, got home, bathed, had dinner, came online, do the usual stuff and went to bed after dozing off watching my Vimeo subscriptions. Saturday morning, I woke to continue my usual online stuff…

Sounds like a boring weekend…? Nah, the highlights are coming up… Dad suddenly pulled out from the outing because he wasn’t feeling well so I drove my brother and sister down town after lunch. I parked at Palais Renaissance where my brother’s having his Chinese tuition.

I walked to Takashimaya where I strolled Kinokuniya for awhile to get a gauge of how much I will spend on my next Book Shopping Spree. About $200 for Twilight Series, Brisingr, Freakonomics, The Last Lecture, The Black Swan, Fooled by Randomness, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Tales of Beedle the Bard… How am I going to afford them… I guess I should finish up already-full-and-unread bookshelf first… By then, these books should be cheaper…?

After the quick gauge, I went for my facial appointment. Microdermabrasion to repair the damages outfields have done to my face… After the facial, I joined my Mom and sister to Food Republic, Wisma Atria where we packed food for our picnic. We fetched the brother and headed to the new Marina Barrage.

The road to the Barrage is so chaotic with all the construction going on at the Marina Bay Sands. I thought I was going to get into a car accident… It started to drizzle when we arrived. We had our little picnic in the shelter on the Green Roof before exploring the Barrage…

We got a little carried away and forgot to keep track of the time. We left the Barrage at 7PM when our movie was at 7.20PM at Marina Square. We rushed and we ran and managed to sit in time for the movie, Madagascar 2.

Madagascar 2 is sure a funny family oriented movie with lessons to learn about Friendship, Love, Kinship, Courage, Perserverance and also a speck of satire. Not forgetting the catchy move soundtrack which hooked us up since the first Madagascar movie. You got to move it, move it! 4.5 / 5

After the movie, I tried my luck for Donut Factory’s Double Chocolate Donut but the Suntec branch was already closed… We got back to our car parked at Millenia Walk and saw the car covered with dirt patches! Must have been the drizzle and dirt from the Marina South roads… We went for a car wash before heading home which marks the end of the outing.

I will be booking in at 1725H later. That’s 5.25PM. I shall go start packing for book in. I will be booking out this Friday. 🙂

I am booking in in another 2 hours. I am going to make this quick. If you’ve been following My Lifestream on the right sidebar, you should know I am still alive and kicking.

Well, I never really updated My Lifestream except when I book out. The day I wanted to update with HelloTxt service, they changed their Mobile interface and I was totally clueless on how to update. I just tested the service with the new interface and I should be able to update through this coming week…

Actually I don’t really know what to update about either. I am not supposed to blog about anything… Maybe I would update things like, “I am having a cough…”.

In any case if you haven’t saw my shaved head picture over at My Lifestream

I really treasure my book outs. I’ve got so much to do in so little time! I went for facial on Monday, Army Market and Bugis with Xhi Ween and Guan Hong on Tuesday then I booked in on Wednesday.

I booked out on Friday, met Jin, Angela and Kai before Kai flies to Wallaby on Monday. I went to Miss Sim’s second daughter’s First Month Party yesterday, had a walk down town and Japanese dessert at Paragon with my secondary school friends.

I just went for lunch at IMM and am now preparing to book in for another week of strenuous trainings…

After a whole week of discipline and regimentation, I think I ought to pack my weekends and have fun else I really have NOTHING to blog about because I spend almost everyday in camp and I cannot blog about it! However, I don’t know how long I can keep this going because I am feeling physically drained now…

OK! I am running out of time to bathe, have dinner and go to Pasir Ris! Bye!

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In hours, I will be on The Penguin heading towards Pulau Tekong, towards a new phase in my life. National Service. I am all packed for it.

After three weeks of mind conditioning, I am quite numb to this whole idea of National Service. National Service has become something very natural to me and I am not going to resist or grumble about it. Being negative isn’t going to help, might as well be positive, accept it and make the best out of it.

All this could not have been possible if not for the words of a lecturer and a doctor who opened my eyes to a whole new perspective about National Service. I have come of age and it’s time that I shoulder the responsibilities a man should, including the duty to protect this island, its people, its properties and my very own family. If Singaporean men don’t do it, who’s going to do it…?

I have always shun tasks because I am afraid it will become my responsibility. However, it’s an inevitable human cycle that we age and more is expected of us. I am sure we all want to remain as carefree children, but we have to accept when it’s our time to step out of our comfort zone.

For now, I am going to bid my family, friends, hair, laptop, Samsung X820, iPod nano, DS Lite, digital camera, internet, blog, books, TV, bed and whatever I have/enjoy, goodbye. I’ll see all of you in 2 to 3 weeks time during my first book-out.

Tekong, here I am. Psychologically ready but not physically. I put my trust in you to make me “all-ready”. Tomorrow, I will be known as Recruit Chew.

P.S. You can take note of any updates on my Lifestream/Tumblelog, first sector on the right sidebar. I have found the way to update there and on Facebook.

I knew this was coming. I knew I will have to do this. I am selling my 2 month old, refurbished, 8GB, black, 3rd Generation iPod nano to fund myself a new 4th Generation iPod nano.

10/10 Condition. It has NO flaws on body as it was fitted into the DLO Jam Jacket with Earbud Management upon unpacking as shown in the picture. It has NO scratches on screen.

I bought this from Apple Store SG, at the current price of $218. I think it’s only fair that its value depreciate through my 2 months of minimal usage. I am going to sell my iPod 3G nano for $168 with whatever it came with and I am also throwing in the DLO Jam Jacket with Earbud Management (worth $39) for FREE.


  • Holds up to 2,000 songs
  • Up to 24 hours of music playback
  • Up to 5 hours of video playback
  • 49.2 g
  • 69.8 x 52.3 x 6.5 mm
  • Apple Earphones
  • USB cable
  • Dock adapter

After dinner at Hip Diners with Jin, we proceeded to meet Kai at the Cineleisure carpark which cost him a bomb for maybe 15 minutes of parking…

We headed to Plaza Singapura where I collected our movie tickets and headed to Yoshinoya where Gela and Kai had their dinner before our movie, Iron man. It was boring in the beginning but started to slowly pick up but I thought there weren’t enough action…

After movie, we went to have Selegie Tau Huay. After Tau Huay, I didn’t want to go home yet so I suggested to have a little walk around LaSalle which is just down the road…


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