Last Six Months

Posted on: May 5, 2009

When times are hard, there’s always this blog where I can flood with my chain of thoughts… This blog has been left empty for the last six months since December but that doesn’t mean that my life has been smooth sailing… I just couldn’t find the motivation to click that “Add New Post” button…

Let me recap the last six months and bring this blog’s timeline back to the present…

The week following the last blog post, I passed out from Basic Military Training Centre, Quebec Company.

Towards the end of 2008, I was posted to School of Infantry Specialists, Charlie Company for Basic Section Leader Course.

After the first month of my course, I requested to go Out Of Course because I knew I am physically unfit to become a Specialist. I couldn’t pass my IPPT, even on the second last day of BSLC, which caused me to fail my course. The notion of not being able to pass the course slowly took its toll on me. I started to have sleepless nights, migraines, became physically and mentally exhausted. The stress didn’t motivate me, it broke me… It even got me SOL…

Eventually, I failed the course and went out of course. Yes, many say it’s a waste because I went through every training but I am grateful for what I have. I have good memories of my supportive commanders who did not give up on me until the end, my crazy section mates who went through the 8 weeks with me, bunch of enthusiastic people I know in Charlie Company and group of OOCs I met at Hotel Company. It doesn’t even matter to me that I didn’t get a Corporal rank because I’ve experienced more than others already…

Despite being told the group of OOCs will recourse, I was posted out to Unit. In the beginning, Unit’s lifestyle was a little weird to fit into because the lifestyles in School and Unit are immensely different. Slowly, I blend into the Unit, made friends, was given opportunities to perform and I am currently very happy in my Unit. My “fire” died in Traning School but somehow it started to burn again…

This entry more or less summarises what happened in my Service for the last six months… Hopefully this “resurrects” my habit to blog so I can relieve some of my sorrows here, sort them out and get some headway to what’s next…

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4 Responses to "Last Six Months"

For some reason, I think you look better now with the tan. Not sure if you put on weight?

Dickson – I no longer have a tan and lost weight since March…

dont worry abt the tan. u look better now still. hee. you’ll enjoy yourself in signals. 🙂

Dickson – You’re talking like a CLOSET GAY ah… Better be careful about falling into the DARK SIDE… Haha!

Haha..there’s more happening activities to come..hopefully we won’t fall into the dark side..

Enjoy ur time in NS… U’ll miss it when you’re done with it!

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