Long Awaited Weekend

Posted on: November 9, 2008

After 10 over days on that island, I finally booked out around 1600 at Singapore Science Centre after attending some Defence Technology exhibition. I was really looking forward to this weekend especially after the weekend confinement for the exhausting field camp.

Upon booking out, Adrian and I went to Chevrons to restock supplies we used during field camp. Afterwhich, we boarded the free shuttle service to IMM. Before the bus set off, there were a few uncles on board discussing about some current affairs… It’s from them that we know that Sands is having troubles with the Marina Bay Integrated Resort. If not for them, we wouldn’t have know anything after our long confinement…

During the bus ride to IMM, the uncles and another auntie who boarded started to talk about some unrest in Taiwan… Earlier on before booking out, on the way to Singapore Science Centre, we also heard from the radio that DBS will be retrenching staff in their Singapore and Hong Kong offices. Less than a fortnight and the world seems to have changed quite a bit! Not excluding we have a new President of USA, President-elect Barack Obama! I think we were seriously cut off from the world…

Adrian and I took a cab back to Keat Hong LRT Station from IMM. There was a long queue at the taxi stand but somehow the Security Guard hailed us a cab and we skipped the queue… It felt weird but the taxi driver said it was fine as we are serving the nation and protecting the citizens…

Back home, got online to do the usual stuff, grab and read the newspapers, bathed, had dinner and went out with Jin, Kai and Angela. We met Jin at Bugis where I bought my McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger! I never missed any sort of food outside the island until field camp… We then went to our usual haunt, Tong Shui Hong Kong Cafe at Liang Seah Street. I ate another chee cheong fun and my tummy nearly exploded that night…

I woke around 2PM Saturday. My body just kept sleeping, replenishing all the energy I lost through field camp… My father collected our new DLink router from Rochor so I fixed it up by late afternoon. I was feeling really bored especially when you’re not out after a confinement. I bumped around until around 11PM when I decided to drive Kai and Jin out to watch Quantum of Solace at GV Marina Square at midnight.

It was really last minute thing and we arrived slightly after the movie started around 12.20AM(?). Quantum of Solace was OK, nothing fantastic… After movie, I was feeling hungry so we went to Cheong Chin Nam for Al Ameen. I had my Sardine Murtabak with Horlicks dinosaur. It started raining so we took our time to eat until a small drizzle before heading home. By the time I was home, it was around 3-odd AM. I changed and slept on the sofa because I didn’t want to sleep on my own bed without bathing…

Sunday morning, Mom woke me early to pay my annual respect to her elder brother. Now I am rushing through my blog entries before my early book in at 1640. I haven’t even pack my stuff and fold my Smart 4 yet… I hope I will be able to book out next Sunday after our Situational Test… It’ll be sad if we’re getting confined again… 😦

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1 Response to "Long Awaited Weekend"

nice write up….weekends are always prized, especially after a long gap..its sunday today…i just posted a small poetry on sunday….and then came across ur post…nd bingo we share d same theme!

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