Long Weekend

Posted on: October 27, 2008

If only this long weekend never ends… A long weekend to enjoy before my field camp this coming Friday which means I will not be booking out this coming weekend and will only be out on the 6/7 November… Once field camp is over, the worst of BMT is over and BMT will be over very soon… Another 7 weeks in Tekong.

I booked out on Friday night and came home to my new Nokia E51 Non-Camera. A phone I bought for National Service. A phone with the features I need to stay in touch with the world out here… I setup the phone the whole night while doing my usual online stuff…

On Saturday, the family fetched the brother for tuition at Palais Renaissance as usual. Mom, sister and I hanged around town. We went to Isetan to buy a drink and EpiCentre Orchard to get myself a protector for my iPod nano which already has a chip at the lower right corner..

Afterwhich, Mom went to a salon at Far East Plaza as she was having a wedding dinner that night. After salon, we went back to Palais Renaissance to meet up with Dad and brother before dropping Mom at Vivocity and heading home. That night, the family went to Harbourfront to fetch Mom after the wedding dinner. I wanted to have supper so we went to Cheong Chin Nam where Dad and I had Teochew porridge.

We reached home a bit before midnight. I got a bath and started reading Saturday’s newspaper while watching Suze Orman Show on CNBC. I have been in camp so much that I am quite out of touch with the current Financial Crisis and other affairs.

Half the world away in Singapore, I think we are affected somehow or another with the investors in products of failed banks taking the direct hit. Other things to note, the American Presidential Elections and widespread melamine hunt with more and more food products identified to contain melamine which can cause kidney stones, cancer or reproductive damage. How I wish I had more time to read up and understand more of these current affairs…

Sunday morning, the family accompanied me to Army Market where I got some supplies for field camp and Mom got a box of SLII Muffins. We then spent the rest of the afternoon at Vivocity signing a new mobile plan, signing a new MaxOnline plan and Digital Voice, lunch at Imperial Herbal Restaurant and cancelling our current MaxOnline plan before heading home.

The family had Pizza Hut dinner at home as the maid had an off day. After dinner, I met with Jin and Angela at LotOne. It was a belated birthday get together for Jin. I must say LotOne changed so much. In the secondary school days, I used to know every corner of that place but now I can easily get lost in there. There were so many new shops and eateries. We had dessert at Ministry Of Food before renting The Plague and heading over to Jin’s to watch. After the movie, Angela and I headed home.

That more or less concludes my long weekend. I am going to hope that it’s not going to rain during my field camp… By the time field camp ends, America would have a new President… See you the next weekend… 😦

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