More Civilian Time, Please…

Posted on: October 12, 2008

I will be booking in in 3 hours’ time. A short recap of my weekend before I book in. I booked out on Friday night and it was my first time taking public transport wearing my Smart 4. Now I know why are recruits called Chao Recruits. We really do stink so I sprayed some deodorant before booking out to avoid air pollution on my long train journey…

I reached home at 9-odd, bathed, threw the clothes for washing and came online to clear a week of emails, read a week of blog and news updates on my NetVibes, browse a week of new items on Zipia, browse a week of new videos on Vimeo, read a week of tumblelogs I follow, browse a week of Interesting pictures on Flickr, surf around my Facebook account… Until around 11.30PM when I couldn’t resist the Zzz-monster anymore, I went to bed…

On Saturday, I woke 6.30AM in the morning because I remembered that I forgot to switch off my laptop before going to bed. I woke my laptop from sleep mode and found my Anderson Cooper podcasts finished downloading which was why I didn’t switch off my laptop the night before.

I switched on Cable TV and watched The Da Vinci Code on AXN before going back to bed again. I woke again at 2PM-odd, changed and followed my family to town. We sent my brother to Chinese tuition before walking to Paragon to have Japanese dessert, the one I had with Kranjians last week.

After dessert, we fetched my brother and went to SAFRA Yishun for dinner. It was my Mom’s birthday. After dinner, we had a walk at Bottle Tree Park where I popped my earphones and started watching my Anderson Cooper podcasts on my iPod nano. We headed home for a small cake-cutting for Mom later.

On Sunday, I stayed home watching The Drive of Life on Cable TV Channel 55. I called Singtel regarding the recontract of my mobile line and a new Nokia E51 non-camera edition. And now I am rushing through the bloggings I have to do…

It’s obvious that I am rushing my blog entries nowadays. No details, just journaling what I’ve done with the short time I have in the civilian world… As much as I want to make the situation improve, I really have limited time although I have about 48 hours each book out. I will have less time next week when I book out on Saturday afternoon… Let me go ponder on how to better manage my civilian time…

I feel that I had sufficient rest this weekend. I don’t feel as lethargic as last week. My cough, flu and phlegm’s alot better now. Just the occasion coughs from dryness in the throat… Guess it’s the Tekong Cough…? Nevertheless, I will still booking in with the same dreadful emotions…

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