Posted on: September 10, 2008

Years ago when I was in kindergarten, my teacher asked us to draw or write about our ambitions. I remember clearly that I drew a policeman. I was a NPCC cadet when I was in secondary school. That was the closest I was… No, I no longer want to be a policeman now.

Recently, I realise the importance and power of ambitions, dreams and goals. I realise that most people around us don’t know what do they really want. They have nothing in mind to strive towards. I am also one such person so I’ve got no right to comment on others. We’re all bumpers. Bumping along the education system. However, striving to be the best in whatever we’re doing can be a goal. I must strive to do my best in my national service and in my studies.

I made myself a list of interesting jobs which seem so impossible. Earning your keep by doing something you love and certainly have fun. I would love to be a:

  • Traveller like Anthony Bourdain
  • Party Planner like David Tutera
  • Financial Advisor like Suze Orman
  • Foodie like Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver
  • Entrepreneur
  • Actor like Johnny Depp
  • Fashionista
  • Talk Show Host like Oprah
  • Journalist like Anderson Cooper

What’re your ambitions? Maybe time to start dreaming…


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