Tong Shui Cafe

Posted on: April 22, 2008

Recovering from my little flu, I went to meet Li Ting and Edward at Meridien Hotel 3 Saturdays ago. That Edward had me alight at Heeren and then board another bus to meet them at Meridien because he didn’t receive my SMSes in time…

I withdrew some money before heading to the basement Food Court. They first had ice kachang then fries…

Edward’s got an ugly expression… =/

We started to contact Allan, Joe Wei and Mei Yi out. It was at first planned that we will meet Allan and Joe Wei at Dover MRT Station for dinner because Allan has a camp in SP. Later when we were already on the MRT platform, Allan told us he won’t be able to make it. Since we were already on the platform, we went to City Hall for a walk…

We went to CitiLink and Raffles City. Li Ting and I made a GREAT DISCOVERY about the escalators leading up to Raffles City from City Hall MRT Station… We realised that when there’re less people on the escalator going up, that escalator will go faster. When there’re more people on the escalator going down, it will go faster. Why is that so?


I am lazy to continue explaining the details but I trust you should be able to work out the details on your own…

When we were browsing at Trints, Jin called. I didn’t expect Jin and Kai to be so early. We had planned earlier to have supper at Tong Shui Cafe in Bugis. I asked Li Ting and Edward along. We managed to get on to Kai’s van after a bit of miscommunication about the taxi stands and Starbucks in Raffles City…

I am glad that Jin, Li Ting, Edward and Kai got along well. Somehow I just feel happy that my friends can meet my other friends and we can all become one big family!

After supper, Kai sent Li Ting and Edward home before we got back to Bukit Panjang. I came home and drove out to fetch Kai and Jin at Kai’s place. I wanted to have some McD’s at King Albert Park and also explain some things to Kai…

After our second supper, I sent the 2 home and finally got home after a long evening…

2 Responses to "Tong Shui Cafe"

omg ugly pic!
and goodbye to my long hair (:

Dickson – You cut your hair meh? I want to go Sentosa!

since n gt such pict

Dickson – Since you all were eating fries…

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