Job Hunting

Posted on: April 21, 2008

Last Thursday I went on a blitz for a job. I went for 2 walk-in interviews at Vivocity’s Desigual and Holland Village’s Essential Brew.

First off to Vivocity. I walked in and asked the lady at the counter if they’re hiring part time sales assistants. She had me fill up a form and asked more about my family and education backgrounds. As usual, she also asked why did I not find an office job because I was an Accountancy student…

I explained and then she started to give me a lecture on how a retail store works and how important it is for me to be able to smile, serve customers and push sales… The ironic part is, she was giving me a very glum face while expecting me to smile to customers… I think she got this stereotype of accounting students as boring, not interactive and wooden blocks…

In the past, I always thought Accountancy graduates are highly sought after in every industry. As we are in a professional field, the students would be of certain calibre and do well. I guess I was wrong. Accountancy graduates are not that welcome in certain industries like retail…

Oh and until today, I received no call from this glum lady asking me to work… She certainly has serious doubts about my abilities to smile, serve and push sales…

Not minding that glum lady, I went ahead to Holland Village and had an interview with the Manager. He briefed me about the job scope, pay and instantly got me 2 timeslots to work. The rest was history, I started work at Essential Brew 2 days ago.

Yesterday, Michelle, Yuko and I served only 5 tables. It was a quiet night. There was time for me to think of ways to improve my service like making the setting up of utensils faster and more hygienic.

According to what the customers had ordered, I would set the utensils up on top of the serviettes, fold up the serviettes with the utensils in it and bring over to the customers’ table. At the customers’ table, I would just need to lay each set of serviette and the utensils in front of each customer and do some slight adjustments. Fast and more hygienic!

I think in F&B, and whatever Service industry, we need to ask how do we want to be served in order to serve others better. I’ll be working on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week.

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1 Response to "Job Hunting"

Usually har, senior staff in the retail industry are only smiley/friendly to potential customers.

But even then, I have been on the receiving end of less than polite attitude from retail staff. I guess sometimes it’s hard to maintain a pleasant disposition when you have to do it everyday at work.

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