Push On

Posted on: April 20, 2008

It was my first night working at Essential Brew. I started work at 7PM and just ended at 2AM. I was nearly late because I misestimated the travelling time luckily I reached in time…

For someone who had sat for several months and don’t do regular swimming and gymming, 7 hours was really tiring. Walking up and down the aisle, serving, cleaning up and taking the occasional order.

I am totally unfamiliar with the Menu. Like you have to ask how raw the customers want their steak to be, if they want any ice cream with their apple crumble… I don’t even know what the customers are ordering as the dish/drink names are so new to me… I can’t serve well because I don’t know what am I serving up…

Then setting the tables was terrifying… I know how a table should be set but I fumbled when I have to set it for others… I want to learn to do it neat, hygienic and quick.

I washed the dishes with Wilson during closing and I swear I never washed so many plates, cups and utensils before in my life! I don’t even wash my dishes at home… I think sins should be built higher so taller people don’t get backaches after that…

I guess this entry totally convinces everyone that I am a true blue “Young Master”. It also proves everyone right that such jobs isn’t for me. Don’t ask why I am not doing an office job… I answered it at least 10 times…

However, I will push on since it’s my choice and I don’t want to quit just yet. I want to enjoy my job and treat it as a training though a grueling one. I want to do this as a preparation for National Service.

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4 Responses to "Push On"

Ah, so you are now working at Essential Brew. I shall pay you a visit soon. Hehe.

i’m glad u’re finally working!
no more 宅男!


i’m v glad when u told me abt it too.

anyway, dun be too emo over grad ya?
though i think i’d do e same thing too…

WEEE. essential brew. any students offers recently? the last time i went they have this 3 side dish for duno how much thingy and a one for one tea drink. hmmms.

Dickson – I believe there’s still Student offers.

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