Posted on: April 19, 2008


I am not quitting blogging.

Actually the April’s Fool prank could have gone 2 ways. Either I really quit which I really did comtemplated or come back and say Happy April’s Fool. Since I am back quite late, there’s no longer a need to say, “Happy April’s Fool Day!”.

There are several things I have in mind to blog about. I am not intending to backdate them to their original dates but simply whack and make it appear first… Hence the current blog entries will be going along side some entries which should have appeared months ago, don’t get confused…

I am suffering from insomnia lately… I slept only at 4AM just now but couldn’t get back to bed after being awakened by the Google Calendar SMS reminding that I have to work tonight at 7PM. Somehow I just feel things are changing so fast, I can’t handle it… I’ll just flip and turn in bed thinking…

Can someone tell 2008 that, I hate him? So much’s changed and will change in 2008. Everytime I think about my Graduation on 28th May, I cannot help but get emotional.

Graduation marks the end of my school life in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Everybody would go back to their own separate lives and move on. I think I would camwhore excessively, hug everyone I see and cry my lungs out in my Graduation Rope on Graduation.

And then there’s National Service! The life changing moment which I don’t know when yet but hope it won’t fall exactly on my birthday. How amazing to enlist on your birthday. Maybe 100 pushups as birthday present…

And then there’s the very much unknown near future. As of now, only SMU asked me for an interview next Thursday. I’ve got no news from NUS and NTU. If I can’t enter this year, I’ll just keep applying during my National Service.

However, what if I can’t enter even at the end of my National Service? What am I going to do? I seriously don’t know. Getting into a University now is the only direction I have. If that path is blocked, I don’t know… The only thing I know is, I want to get out of Accountancy before it sucks the rest of my dying soul…

And then there’s going to be so much so much more things that will change… 20 seems to be the age when Life ends… I hate 2008.

I’ll try to get back to sleep now because I am going to have a long night tonight…

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