Good Year

Posted on: December 31, 2007

Although I didn’t fulfil at least 80% of my 2007 Resolution. It was nevertheless a very good year.

  1. LEAD
  2. Class 3A
  3. “Graduation”
  4. International Business Study Mission 2007
  5. Attachment

I must say the best thing that ever happened this year is, I managed to find a group of very long lost friends. Long lost for almost 10 years, we found each other, hang out and totally love each other. They just mean so much to me that I don’t know how to use words to express. No matter how things became a little complicated, how tempers flared, I still love LEA.

That does not mean I don’t love my other friends. I still love all of you! All of you have pieced part of my 2007, part of my life. JPS peeps. Kim Sen and company. Nickerson and company. Wei Kar and company. Zhi Kai and company. KSS peeps. Xhi Ween and company. IBSM peeps. NP peeps. The Cowboy Bar. Eat-Drink-Man-Woman.

The year’s ending and a new one is beginning. May this keep the memories of 2007 and commence the new chapter with more goodness. In 2008, things will change. No matter how much I want them to stay, change is only constant. It would be nice if they change for the even better.

  1. Graduation
  2. National Service
  3. University Application
  4. Friendships
  5. Family

Good bye to the 2007 me. Goodbye to the 2007 you. Goodbye 2007.

2 Responses to "Good Year"

What a sudden influx of posts! Happy New Year (from a total stranger)!


Hi Dickson!!

Happy 2008!!! May everything go smooth and good for you this year!

Take good care of yourself! 😀

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