Posted on: December 2, 2007

I really feel that I have neglected my writing… Not many official blog entries… I have got plenty of ideas but no time and energy to start writing… Auditing really sucks away people’s souls… I feel like some working class robot now… I come home, I watch When Spring Comes or Heroes, I chat and I go to sleep… I am getting so tired of this bloody routine…

I got into another job instead of the one I am supposed to go today… The senior gave me things I have never done before… I am trying to take it as a challenge but I don’t see a point in learning it… Learning it isn’t going to benefit me in any way. It kills my precious brain cells that could be used for better purposes… I am taking a miserable $600 to do what an Audit Assistant does. I think there’s a huge expectation gap between my senior and me… It seems like I have to do some OT this week… My hatred for audit grows through the days… I am eagerly waiting for my last day in 2 months’ time…

My personal life is messed up… I rather use my precious brain cells to clear my own mess than help some audit team complete their work and the partner profit-share… Can somebody save me…?

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4 Responses to "Negligence"

Cheer up dude! I know life is tough there, I’ve seen people working through till 4+ during peak periods, it’s crazy! 😀 A couple of months would pass real soon, since there’s so many festive and celebrations coming up! 😉

your attachment period concides with the year end closing account.. dont feel bad about it.. take it as a growing experience.. besides you have 2 yrs in the army to decide..

after that, you should have an idea what you want to do when you are out in the working world..

thanks for your comment on my blog, btw, do not worry so much. i have loads of idea for writting too, but just cannot find time/effort to do so. maybe you can just note them down, and do so when you are freeee.

havent drop by for sometime. you dun sound too good thou.
take care ya. auditing is so busy thats why my sis choose to drop that job.
but she’s working fine as an accountant now.
you dun really have to climb till the auditor’s seat in the future.
do what you want k=)

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