Woongjin Rice Drink

Posted on: November 7, 2007

After lunch, the Audit Assistant 2 wanted to get I Water from Isetan supermarket. I also wanted to get some ‘cooling’ drink because I am feeling quite heaty these days and have migraines intermittently. I came across this can with Korean words on it. I have this interest in Korean stuff like food, culture, fashion, dramas etc so I took the can and had a closer look….

It’s Rice Drink… It’s my first time coming across such a drink. I started to imagine how rice would taste in liquid form… Solid rice tastes well for me but I thought rice in liquid form would be disgusting… I was feeling a little adventurous so I took it and paid at the cashier…

Back in the office, I opened up the can and sipped it… It tasted nothing like rice… I rotated the can and saw this white sticker on it which states the contents of the drink. 40% Brown Rice, 30% White Rice, 27% Apple Juice and I don’t know what happened to the remaining 3%… I had a second sip and it tasted nothing like apply juice as well. It tasted just like milk…

Convinced that it doesn’t taste awful, I slowly enjoyed my rice drink. It only tasted a little like brown rice after it lost its coolness when I had my last sip.

2 Responses to "Woongjin Rice Drink"

I’m drinking this right now! It’s a very refreshing drink.
Koreans and other Asians aren’t the only ones that drink rice.
Mexicans (and Spanish?) have a rice drink called “Horchata!” I love many different rice drinks. Rice drinks are very good around the world!

You are from Singapore? There are no rice drinks in Singapore?
What is a uniquely Singaporean food that you’d would recommend?

I’m drinking it right now too…it’s so refreshing and I like it ^^

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