Toilet Etiquette

Posted on: October 25, 2007

When I was schooling, I go to the toilet less than 5 times a day. Now that I am doing my internship, I think I go to the toilet twice as much. I go for toilet breaks almost every 2 hours, either to check my hair, take a leak or do my usual business… I also have to walk through the toilet many times a day to the other side of the office as it’s a shortcut.

I just wanted to show how much time I spend in the toilet… Toilet breaks are temporary getaways from work, a holy and personal time… I just really cannot understand why some people don’t respect that… Maybe they should get themselves educated by watching this 10 minute Toilet Etiquette video…

Let me now show you in a picture how my office toilet looks like and what ridiculous things people do….

  1. 3 men standing along the narrow corridor, around the sinks and urinals chatting away. How are the other toilet users going to get to the sinks, urinals or simply walk through the toilet? Imagine your quiet personal time being invaded by somebody’s small talk… The toilet isn’t a place to chat, proceed to the pantry!
  2. 2 men chatting and laughing while taking their leak at the urinals… OMGOODNESS?! That looks SO SO SO WRONG!

My dear brothers, hopefully the video helped to bring us to a higher level of civility…

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