Posted on: October 20, 2007

I think most of us who grew up with Harry Potter won’t be able to accept this…


NEW YORK (Reuters) – J.K. Rowling has outed one of the main characters of her best-selling Harry Potter series, telling fans in New York that the wizard Albus Dumbledore, head of Hogwarts school, is gay.
Yahoo News


I went to the JobsCentral Career Fair at Suntec Convention Centre today with Jasmine, Hui Qing and Nicholas. There weren’t many employers that we were interested in so we left in a while. Hui Qing and Nicholas wanted to cut their hair so we went to Centrepoint. Hui Qing and I went by bus while Jasmine and Nicholas went by train because we had different concessions.

On our way to Centrepoint, Hui Qing and I decided to race Jasmine and Nicholas to Centrepoint… Actually, we didn’t inform them but carried on with our “race” with them… On the 700A bus, there was this guy behind us who dozed off on the bus. It’s a common sight to see someone doze off on a bus ride but how he dozed off was not that common… He went from right, back up and to the left… Not the head but his entire upper body! I think he would fall off his chair if he was dozing left and the bus turned left too…

We won our race against Jasmine and Nicholas and went to this hair salon on the second floor. Jasmine helped Hui Qing and Nicholas decide their hairstyles before we went around Centrepoint. We had some snacks at Prima Deli before going back to the salon. Hui Qing and Nicholas were not done so we sat on the red couch at the entrance… It was then I started to realise and suspect that…

Someone was taking frequent peeks at me…

One of the male staff of the salon, who was sitting at the counter, kept peeking at me and there were times when our eyes met… No, there wasn’t any sparks… Then I found an opportunity to tell Jasmine and she realised it too! In fact, we saw the same incident…

Female Staff: “Eh, you like this type one meh? I thought you like this type…” *points at picture*

Jasmine also said the female staffs were volunteering to help him get my number which they didn’t… Thank goodness… They paid and we left… “脱离苦海” was what I told Jasmine the moment I stepped out but it wasn’t for long… I turned back and saw HIM standing outside the salon! “RUN!” was my first reaction… Oh gosh…

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3 Responses to "GAY!"

OK…. on the bright side… you are still attractive.
But to the wrong gender. 😛

Better luck next time.

sooooo attractive~ heh…

better lucks next time. =D

sad case sia..LOL..quick get a gf lah..ur mom already hinting u to get le..lol..good that ur mum open minded..mine still not so encouraging abt me getting a gf now..

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