Posted on: September 14, 2007

My third consecutive day going to Heeren this week. After work, I met Winnie at City Hall MRT Station and we headed to Orchard to meet the others. It’s our first attachment fortnightly gathering at NYDC. Winnie and I met up with Yi Zhen and Stephanie first. We talked while waiting for the others who knocks off at 6PM.

Yong Wei was running late, so Stephanie, Valerie, Vion, Winnie, Yi Ling, Yi Zhen and I went ahead to meet Xhi Ween at Heeren first. We took a bit to order because we were all busy rambling about how attachment is… Yong Wei came and had his lasagna before we went to Cineleisure. We loitered around Cineleisure, had a neoprint taken and sat down outside E2Max and have a nice chat…

Yi Zhen’s grandmother called or else we could have unknowingly missed our last bus and train home… Next week all of us will be busy writing up our Periodic Report and the following week we will have our next fortnight gathering. Until then, we have 2 weeks to think what to eat the next time…

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2 Responses to "NYDC"

HAhah yea…and this time let’s get more people…Wonder why do my eyes look so freakish…i didn’t even put eye make up…hMMM….btw had a great time chatting on our way back =) Dun be emo!!

get me get me!!! hahaha.
i wanna go toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! =(

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