No More Coffee

Posted on: September 13, 2007

After work, I went to meet Allan at Somerset MRT Station. We went to have some coffee at Coffee Bean, Paragon while waiting for Edward to come from work. Edward came around 6.45PM and we went to look for Liting at Heeren. She’s having her internship at Action City. Allan and I met her for dinner last night too. Edward wanted to go out and Liting had no dinner company so Allan suggested we accompany her for dinner…

We had Long John Silver for dinner before Liting went back to work while the 3 of us went to Cuppage for pool. After pool, when we were walking back into Heeren, a surveyor asked if I could help him do a survey. I rudely replied with an agitated look, “No. I am not interested. Thank you.”. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but after having coffee, I just couldn’t control my temper…

Allan, Edward and Liting also had to tolerate my ridiculous behaviour… Edward couldn’t leave because I stared at him. Liting stepped on my shoe and I stared at her. Allan was so frightened by my stare… I was also very violent… I really want to apologise to every one especially the innocent surveyor who had to experience my wrath for nothing… Sorry that I might have spoilt our little gathering… I feel damn guilty now and I will be more gentle next time…

Although I am not sure why I am so agitated, I think it’s because of lack of sleep, stress from work and coffee… I seriously cannot drink coffee or I will go haywire… I also think I really should start to decipher and solve the problems and concerns I am facing which makes me so uptight… I also think this isn’t something that I alone can do…


2 Responses to "No More Coffee"

hey.. hope you are alright.. guess your experience in working is just starting and picking up right now..

lack of sleep will be a common thing in ns and in your future working world.. it will be good to have some listening ears around you so that you would not vent your so-called ‘anger’ on innocent people.

see..this what happens if u drink coffee from coffee bean and NOT sbux =)

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