Posted on: September 10, 2007

If only life could be more interesting… Attachment’s fine except there’s nothing to do… I did some work on Thursday and left at 6PM but my manager told me today that I don’t have to do overtime at all. Once 5.30PM strikes, I don’t have to be shy and should ask my seniors for permission to leave. I sat at my seat the whole of Friday staring at the Excel spreadsheet I did on Thursday. Time is passing faster now because I am connected to the internet…

I am not feeling too good these few days. Not physically but emotionally. There are quite a few contributing factors… I am missing my school life which is much more flexible. When we work, we spend the entire day at work and have only a few remaining hours to do stuff. It’s so difficult to go out because you won’t have much time left to do other things like getting online or watching TV. Well, I was looking forward to attachment but now I think I am no longer as keen about it.

Coincidentally, it’s also the period when I am feeling lonely… Or maybe I should say experiencing hormonal changes which makes me yearn for someone to talk to, be with and lean on… Or in other words, in need of and desperate for a girlfriend… I shall try my best to make my brain overrule the heart, stop thinking about relationships and get over it…

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