Chinese Garden

Posted on: September 8, 2007

I overslept and missed my driving lesson this morning… Now I have to pay for a lesson that I didn’t attend… Alright, that sucks but there’s nothing I can do about it… It kind of started my day wrong…

Collected 2 bags of old clothes from Joy at Woodlands at 11am. Passed Eugene FFAF tickets I won from Samsung at 2pm.

Met Liting, Allan and Edward at Chinese Garden at 5pm. We were going to Chinese Garden to look at some lantern lightings and fireworks. Allan pulled our meeting time forward because he wanted to get free mooncakes… We had to wait 4 1/2 hours after collecting our free mooncakes for the fireworks… We strolled around the Garden, took photos, held lanterns, climbed pagoda, played sparklers and finally sat in the pavilion opposite where the fireworks would be fired. The fireworks lasted 5 minutes with basic fireworks but was well choreographed and so it looked a million dollars.

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4 Responses to "Chinese Garden"

how did u do the collage one ha? i use picasa but the pics are all so “piled up” and some cant be seen.

kelvin> My collages have 4-6 pictures in each.
More will clog up. Also I think Picasa measures according to your wallpaper size. My wallpaper size very big so can put afew more pictures and not clog up.

hmm dunno leh i get very irritated when i put only 4 pics and it is clogged up. which version u using?

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