Attachment Begins

Posted on: September 3, 2007

Attachment started today but technically starts only on Thursday. From today till Wednesday, we will all be sitting in for lectures after lectures… We had an hour and fifteen minutes lunch break however we were walking all over the place most of the time… We finally decided to takeaway Burger King back to the pantry for lunch and only had about 20 minutes to gobble them up before getting back to class…

Lectures after lunch are terrible… The moment I sat down, I felt so sleepy… Many succumbed to Lala Land’s seige… I struggled to keep myself awake until class ended… Excitement kept me awake mostly, thinking about how it will be like to work in a Big 4 Auditing Firm… Hopefully, tomorrow’s and Wednesday’s won’t be as dry…

Stephanie and I am attached to the same department but to different teams. She’s there with 4 other TP students while I will be alone. Stephanie’s got some company for 3 1/2 months before the TP students get back to school… If I remembered correctly, we were the only ones who were instructed to bring our own laptops to work… I guess it means I won’t be in office most of the time and have to run about quite a bit…

What’s in my bag? (Clockwise from top left) Envelopes with important documents. Samsung YP-K3 with earphones. ProjectShop wallet. Pencil Case. Magnetic temporary pass. OCBC notebook. Lecture Notes.

I was provided with a pencil case of stationary and a big calculator. What’s in my pencil case? Yellow hi-lighter. Red, blue and green pen. Mechanical pencil. 30 cm plastic ruler. Pencil lead. Paper clips.

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