Onslaught Commences

Posted on: August 24, 2007

As usual, Nickerson and Zong Da were late so I went to do my little window shopping first after my haircut… On my way to Wisma Atria, this assistant project coordinator from Create Talents approached me at the pedestrian crossing at Park Hotel and it all goes round again…

Tony: “Hi!” *shows namecard* “I am not doing sales so don’t worry. I am from Create Talents and I am looking for models for TelCo advertisements…”
Me: “Oh, I heard of you… Your company used to be in er… Park Mall…”
Tony: *Thinks about Park Mall* “Yah yah… Oh great. Can I have your name and number so I can arrange an interview for you someday?”
Me: “Er ok… *gives details*”
Tony: “Thanks! Just now I saw you walking down the street, you were like a superstar but I cannot remember which…”
Me: *Forced smile*

I think he’s a new “assistant project coordinator” because he isn’t sure if the company was in Park Mall… I think I don’t look like any superstar at all because he can’t even think of any, it’s just his tagline… =/ I definitely won’t be going for any interviews because my schedule is quite packed till my attachment starts on 3rd September…

I continued to Wisma Atria where I met Joanna who’s the first person to see my new hair then I went to TopMan where I saw quite a few nice vests at $89. Brown, Grey and Black. I exited TopMan and went to Zara, Liat Towers. I thought I liked the cardigans I saw which cost about $100…

I was walking back to Wisma when Nickerson finally called… My phone’s battery died after he said he’s having lunch at Cineleisure but I didn’t catch where… I rushed to Cineleisure, checked around the fast food joints and found them in Long John Silver…

After their late lunch, we walked to Paradiz for pool and KBox. To our horror, KBox closed down… We were so tired so we took a cab back to Paragon… I only realised on the cab that it was peak hour and there was a peak hour charge of $2 and then we went through an ERP gantry and another $0.50…

We had our toilet break at Paragon’s very clean and nice toilet before going to PartyWorld which would cost us $22 until 11pm. I thought we ought to check the prices at KBox so we went back to Cineleisure and it was $26 until 11pm and if they don’t need the room, we can extend until closing for free… It was more expensive but we needed something to do so we took the gamble to sing at KBox…

The 3 of us sang until about 11.30pm, we were exhausted and had no more songs to sing so we paid and left for home… Fortunately, we saw 190 and ran after it or else we would need to pay for cab again… We got back to Bukit Panjang around 12.10am. I came home to take my contacts off and take the house key before going to meet them at the 24 hour coffeeshop for dinner and supper… We talked till about 1.30am before we left for home…

Let’s see how much I spent yesterday and Wednesday… $35 for Haircut. $32 for Joico Erratic Clay. $26 for KBox. $4 for cab. $4 for dinner/supper. $20.10 for Vil’age dinner. I spent more than $100 bucks in 2 days… I must say the onslaught has commenced… I am going out with Zhi Kai and Hui Jin tonight. Maybe Zouk on Saturday. KBox next Wednesday. An outing with my JPS friends some day next week. I really wonder how much money I will be spending in this short 11 days of break before attachment…


1 Response to "Onslaught Commences"

LOL, to your HORROR.
kbox close down only mah! ahahahas.

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