Posted on: August 4, 2007

This has been my theme song for the last few days… Hoping the postman or perhaps post-auntie would come to my letter box with the letter informing where I am posted to for my attachment. I checked on Thursday, no… Friday, no… Then finally at Saturday 3PM, it came!

That’s where I am attached to. I leave it to the picture to do the talking because it won’t be convenient for me to type it out here… I don’t want to get into any trouble again…

Yes, it’s one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms worldwide. Upon getting my letter, I quickly looked around for people who will be going there with me. I found 4 that I know and several which I don’t. It seems like we have got lots of lunch company.

I got a mixed feeling about this. It’s good that I got a good record in my resume but I don’t know if it will be stressful working at such a big international firm. Nevertheless, I hope to learn plenty there. I am sure God’s plan will be the best for me.

The next thing I have to take note about would most probably be my blogging… I heard from a friend that an overseas attachment student was nearly sent back from China due to his writings in his blog. I would say I have almost no anonymity behind my blogs so it’s best that I steer clear of writing anything about my attachment or at least the company name…

2 Responses to "Attachment"


woah. good to be posted to one fo the big4 yea.
my sis went there during her attachment also.
she left ernst and young already thou.. just <2mths ago..

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