Days Left at Ngee Ann

Posted on: August 2, 2007

My stay at NP can only be measured by light speed, it zoomed past. My 5th semester is coming to an end. It really seems like yesterday when I was a freshman. The coming and my final semester, I will be sitting in some office for my 6-months Accountancy Practical Training (APT). And so I am counting my days left in Ngee Ann Polytechnic …

Let’s see how many more times I will be coming back… Twice for AFA and AUDI2 revision lectures. 4 times for exams. Then the next time I come back should be in February when I present my APT to my Liaison Officer. An estimated of 7 more times.

Today would definitely seemed like it’s my last day at school. The last time I am going to see my tutorial group in class and the last time I am going to make a project presentation… It’s not exactly the last time I am going to see my lecture group in lecture theatre because there are still 2 more revision lecture next week…

After class, we gathered together to take many group photos. I am looking at the photos now and I am feeling so emotional… It’s always like this that we only learn to appreciate only when we are going to lose or have lost something. It’s just going to feel so weird that I won’t get to see Xhi Ween and Guan Hong after 5 semesters together, I won’t get to see my TA08, TA09 and TA01 classmates and my ACC cohort at lectures… I am not really going to miss this place but definitely the people I know in this place.

I started writing and here’s what I wrote…


To Ngee Ann Polytechnic ACC 3rd Year Students 2007/2008
“We started this journey together with many ups and downs in between but we managed and finished together.”

There are such times I won’t want to forget. Times I was with Xhi Ween and Guan Hong doing projects, laughing at our own jokes, slacking and so much more. Times I was with TA08 05/06 and TA01 07/08. Times I was in Hong Kong and China in March 2007. Times I was in Cambodia in September 2006. And of course so much more…

This time, I am going to change my statement. I won’t regret coming to Polytechnic. Here’s where all those happened and would not have if I had chosen otherwise… Things would have been so much different now if I had chosen otherwise. I really want to thank God that He had brought me here and also brought all these people here to share precious memories with.

I am going to miss everyone… Xhi Ween, Guan Hong, TA01 07/08, TA08 06/07, ACC Intake 05/06, IBSM 2007, Serve Cambodia 2006, lecturers and everyone else.

2 Responses to "Days Left at Ngee Ann"

im also part of ur memory in NP u know, why dont have my peeeeekcherrrrr. hahahahah =p

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