Nintendo DS Lite

Posted on: July 27, 2007

Everywhere I go nowadays, those gamers never fail to flip open their Nintendo DS Lite in front of me and go into their very colourful dual screens…

Now, I want one for myself too… Oh great… That’s going to cost a bomb, the console itself and many many games… Let’s see what games I have in mind…

New Super Mario Bros., Brain Age, Mario Kart DS, Nintendog – Lab & Friends, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Ranger, Cooking Mama, Harvest Moon DS, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Metroid Prime Hunters, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Rune Factory, Sonic Rush and Tetris DS. 15 titles in total! Of course, I won’t be getting everything but selectively in some order of priority…

First of all, I have to decide if I really do need a Nintendo DS Lite first… Such consoles phase out after awhile but the hours of entertainment it will bring is countless. Is this going to be another thing that I will forsake after some time? I think I better take some time to make a good decision…

8 Responses to "Nintendo DS Lite"

Exactly… I swear those gamers are evil. Tempting you to get one for yourself after letting you have a sneak preview of the games..


I want one for myself also…

eh, learn from business management.. there is one topic call rational decision making.. whahhaha.. use weight criteria.. heheheheh..

Tsk. I also want. Hubs and I even went to check out the package price. $380 for the console plus some memory card with 20 pre-stored games. It’s cheaper when compared to other places, but still… tsk tsk tsk.

I am so tempted. 😦

Shelly> $380?! What Callandor told me is settle for $220 for the console. As for the memory card, just buy it and load the games yourself. My friend told me it will be around $300-odd only…

Don’t be jealous that I bought a Nintendo DS Lite today 🙂 My friends in Aussie are all about that and I’m manipulated by them and their fantasy about getting one, so I’m here tempting youuuu.

Tell me about it! Limpeh got one PSP and GameBoy Micro just sitting at one corner!

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the nintendo ds lite is great,looks a lot better than the old ds large!,i don’t know how nintendo do it,but their handheld consoles and their games are just so addicting!

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