Shelving Up

Posted on: July 21, 2007

After getting my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I realised I ran out of space to put the new book. I also need more space for more books in my personal library…

I went on my quest looking for my 2 other unassembled shelves previously bought… I found them behind my grandmother’s room door. I brought them downstairs into the study room where I assembled them…

I put the 2 newly assembled shelves above the older 2. I took all the stuff out, wiped the shelves with a wet cloth before rearranging the stuff back. Good grief, every thing’s so dusty…

It’s not perfectly neat but definitely a lot better than how it was…

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2 Responses to "Shelving Up"

whoa u still got time to assemble new stuff and repack everything !!! since u so free can come my hse help also. hehe my hse needs a maid !

I think my room pretty organised also. For the exception of my billboard that has all my Prelims and O levels stuff, and the table packed with books for O’s other than that I love my bed. (Who doesn’t right) I lay on it and I refuse to get off. Serious, I have a major sticky glue below where I sleep, it gets me stuck every morning. Really, I shall take picture for you to see. Ha ha.

I like this font, I want to comment more.

You don’t update your blog! I love commenting because I love the font. Ha ha, soon I shall see all the recent comments with my name 🙂

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