Posted on: July 19, 2007

I had my NAPFA test after school today with Guan Hong and Xhi Ween. We had our five stations first before heading for our 2.4KM run.

My results..

FAILED because I failed my 2.4KM by a blatant 2 minutes and couldn’t stretch further in Sit and Reach.

Let’s now look at the Grading for the 6 stations…

Grade Points Sit-ups Standing Broad Jump Sit & Reach Pull-ups Shuttle Run 2.4KM
A 5 >42 >251cm >48cm >10 <10.2sec <10.2min
B 4 40-42 242-251 45-48 9-10 10.2-10.3 10.21-11.00
C 3 37-39 232-241 41-44 7-8 10.4-10.5 11.01-11.40
D 2 34-36 222-231 37-40 5-6 10.6-10.7 11.41-12.30
E 1 31-33 212-221 32-36 3-4 10.8-10.9 12.31-13.20

Bronze: 6 Points
Silver: 15 Points
Gold: 21 Points

I am going to train and go for a re-test in November. Do more stretching for Sit & Reach and run more to build some stamina for 2.4KM. Those orange highlighted values are my target for the re-test. That should give me 23 points which is a Silver NAPFA Award because to get a Gold, you must have C and above for everything.

This is perhaps the first time in my life I have ever bother about NAPFA test… Why am I paying more attention to NAPFA now? That’s because if I passed my NAPFA with at least a Silver Award, I will serve 22 months of National Service, which is 2 months shorter than those who got Bronze or failed NAPFA.

I guess the coming months will be mugging for my final examinations and physical training for NAPFA.

2 Responses to "NAPFA Test"

hahahahahhaa.. NAPFA.. i donno how long i never take already.. old already..

wa lao! go expo run every sunday bao pass!

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