Sentosa Rained…

Posted on: June 16, 2007

Jasmine, Jessie and I set off and reached Tanjung Beach, Sentosa at 15 past 1PM. It had started to rain when our Sentosa Express exited Vivocity, headed towards Beach Station…

We walked almost the whole Tanjung Beach with my poncho sheltering the three of us… Then Phebe called and told us where they were and we had to turn back like three idiots, holding onto the green poncho…

Finally found them! William, Phebe, Joe, Zhi Xiong, Lennel.


Joe’s Crab Eggs and Joe’s and Zhi Xiong’s Sandman…

We took a rest before starting to play a bit of volleyball then monkey then captain’s ball… Then a terrible accident happened… Jessie and I who were in the same team, rammed into each other while trying to intercept a ball from Jasmine to Joe… I mean rammed. My knee hit her back and her whole body weight landed on my right leg… OUCH!

The rain started to pour harder and we stopped our games. The guys went to wash up before we sheltered our way back to the Tram Stop to take a tram back to Beach Station and head back to Vivocity… I had wanted to darken my tan but there was simply no sun on the island…

At Vivocity, we had some late lunch or perhaps early dinner at Carl’s Junior, went to see some puppies and did some window shopping. Vivocity is still as sinful as ever, with all the good fashion around… So tempted but so helpless…

We shopped until about 8PM before splitting up. Joe and Zhi Xiong went to Dempsey Road, while the three of us went home on train…

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