MV Overloaded

Posted on: June 15, 2007

Gosh! Seems like the whole front page of Waffle is now music videos, music videos and more music videos! MV Overloaded! I am still procrastinating to start writing on STAR WARriors camp that I went in the weekend. There seems to be so much that can be written and I don’t know where to start. I guess I have at least start a draft or else it will never get written…

Term break officially started with 5 projects that has to be done. I spent my Monday and Tuesday in school doing my ITI and CLAW project. Wednesday, I stayed home and watched TV. I watched KBS World and almost finished “300” the movie. I only started to edit my IBSM report at 10PM and finally managed to keep it to 22 pages.

I was watching a programme named Vitamin on KBS World. Then I saw Ryan with his new haircut! OMGOSH! He’s so darn cute and handsome! If I am going for a plastic surgery, I am so getting his face!

He’s a great singer with low voice that doesn’t sound like him and he used to have hair this long…

Why am I screaming like some crazy fangirl…? OMGOSH! I think I am getting so darn gay as well… I will carry on overloading this page with another music video!

3 Responses to "MV Overloaded"

But you already look alot like him! And I mean ALOT.

Shelly> Not a lot la…… I still need nicer teeth, higher nose, more evident double eyelids, slimmer jawbone and less baby fats! That should be all if I want to go for plastic… Haha!

he’s fairer than you two but please dun go and bleach urself. haha!

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