Encounter Weekend

Posted on: May 27, 2007

I reached home after YouthNet service at 5PM, earliest to date. I usually reach home around 8PM if there’s cell. Encounter Weekend was a blast though tiring. There were 7 lectures telling us more about God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Sins and the way to redeem sins.

William, his 11 boys, Galvin and I shared a 3-bedroom apartment on the 4th storey of Praisehaven. The other groups slept in Basement 1 dormitories. We were a lot more fortunate as we have 2 bathrooms in our apartment while those groups in Basement 1 had to share common bathrooms.

On the first night, I shared a bedroom with Daryl, Galvin and William. I took my bath and came out of the bathroom attached to our room to find the 3 of them swinging their towels and blankets everywhere… When I thought what was going on, I saw something flying around the room… It was a moth which went missing until the next morning…

We later realised that the air conditioner was leaking terribly… It seemed like we will get flooded the next morning so Galvin took bins from the kitchen to contain the dripping water…

I had set my handphone alarm to ring at 6.45AM. I woke earlier because the lights were on and my 3 room-mates were swinging their towels and blankets again… The moth woke early, fluttered around and woke Daryl up then William and Galvin… It was quite a hilarious scene… The moth eventually went into the toilet and Galvin trapped it under a bin.

On Saturday afternoon, we had few hours of free time for sports and leisure. The boys had Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Badminton.

Saturday night, we celebrated Justin’s birthday with Apple Strudel and William’s boys were like scavengers…

At Sunday YouthNet service…

I had promised to slap whoever falls asleep at service which I did to Eugene… However, when I saw the whole row of boys sleeping, I gave up…

Thank God for this opportunity to know You, William’s boys and Galvin during Encounter Weekend. It was tiring to look after the boys but it was great fun knowing these boys. I really want to know what will they grow up to be…

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2 Responses to "Encounter Weekend"

hi “papa”, got so many kids to look after liao haha!

Haha! They are actually my Spiritual Nephews…
Their Spiritual Father is William.

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