Occupation: Student

Posted on: May 22, 2007

Filling up forms and profiles reminds us about something. Our occupation. Any activity in which a person is engaged. The state of being occupied.

My occupation for the past 14 years has been “student”, occasionally something else. I always like to consider being a student as a job. “Student” is my Job Title. My “working hours” are as per my school timetable, 20 hours a week.

As compared to “real” jobs out there, my job is only half as long. That would simply mean I can fork out 20 hours more to be a student, doing tutorials, projects and co-curricular activities.

I always complain that being a student eats up all my time. That’s because the extra 20 hours I can fork out is not enough to do tutorials, projects, join co-curricular activities and revise consistently for tests and exams. That’s why when projects come, I neglect my tutorials and break revisions.

I guess it’s useless to complain. I should change my mindset instead. Basically, I haven’t really kept myself occupied as a student… I come home from class, come online, maybe attempt tutorials, rush projects and slack. The time I spend staring into my laptop is perhaps more than the time I attempt tutorials…

40 hours a week seem insufficient for students. I have to relook my life, see what I have been doing with my time and revise it. 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week.

Student 64 Hours = 24+40 Hours
Slumber 49 Hours = 7 Hours * 7 Days
Service 12 Hours
Slack 43 Hours = 168 – 64 – 49 – 12

I will be awake 17 (24-7) hours a day. Mondays to Saturdays, I will spend 10 hours being a student and slack 6+ hours. 10 hours would include going to class, doing tutorials, projects and revising. For example, 4 hours of class would mean I need to do tutorials and revise for 6 hours. On Sundays, I have Church Services, so I will take a break from being a student.

Seems like a rigid schedule but I will keep in mind some flexibility. If I have a date or appointment on a Friday, I will study more through Monday to Thursday to make up for the lost “Student” time on Friday. It’s is to shift around the timeslots to hit, most importantly, the “Student” hour quota.

It’s my last semester on campus now. 3 months more and I will go on my attachment then National Service. No more books for 2 1/2 years. I should sprint this last lap to finish line…


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