Posted on: May 18, 2007

I am not being superstitious and I am not supposed to be. Coincidentally, the number “13” hasn’t been too friendly to me… On 13th May, Sunday, I enraged someone… On my 13th driving lesson, I screwed up…

I made someone really angry last Sunday till the extent I thought it would be the end of our friendship and what say more. The next few days were difficult. I struggled a lot and tried to salvage the situation until the point where I just surrendered everything to God.

I knew there was nothing more I could do. I constantly spoke to God, found comfort and refuge in Him, away from my sadness and Satan’s temptations. I prayed to God that I will be forgiven. I basically diverted my focus onto God, away from my problem. Subsequently, God blessed me with new insights and a recovered friendship.

Thank you, Father! You have blessed me with brothers and sisters who cared for me during this hard time. Your shoulder was there for me every time I wept. Your wisdom was with me every time I pondered about the problem.

I went for my 13th driving lesson this morning. I was very distracted by my thoughts. I didn’t drive or park too well. Many a times, I sped. I made wide turns. I drove too near the kerbs which was a mistake I never made before. I hover side to side on my lane. My 14th lesson on Monday will be better…


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