Spider-Man 3

Posted on: May 5, 2007

Just came back from Spider-Man 3 with Zhi Kai at Causeway Point. I had booked 3 tickets but Hui Jin couldn’t make it because she’s having high fever. We attempted to sell the extra ticket through the Box Office but wasn’t able to so we shared her extra ticket’s cost.

Let me rate it first. 2/5 for the first hour or so because I was hoping for an intermission… 5/5 for the rest. The whole movie basically revolved around how much being self-centred, self absorbing, power greedy and vengeful can do. It also shows power of forgiveness, truth, love and friendship.

Light and Darkness

The 2 scenes at the church was especially grabbing. Peter Parker had lost himself to Venom. He was hurting everyone around him, including Mary Jane and Harry. Upon hitting Mary Jane, the Holy Spirit opened his eyes once again. He knew he had to un-bond Venom. He wanted forgiveness and did what he told Eddie Brock (latter Venom), get a religion. Peter went to a church and with God’s and the church bells’ help managed to separate Venom from him.

Downstairs at the worship hall, Eddie Brock prayed to Jesus…

“It’s Brock sir, Edward Brock Jr. I’m here humbled and humiliated to ask you for one thing… I want you to kill Peter Parker!”

His wish was granted but by Satan. The un-bonded Venom came upon him… Do you see Satan was just beside Jesus Christ? Do you see Satan doing his work right in the body of God, the Church? Eddie prayed in a Church but received Satan, not Christ. We mustn’t let our guards down on our enemy. Such ill feelings Eddie had, brought him no nearer to God but to Satan.

Vengeance, Truth and Forgiveness

In the movie, vengeance was a big part. Peter wants to revenge for Uncle Ben. Harry wants to revenge for his father. Flint Marko wants to revenge for Spider-man’s interference to save his daughter. Bearing vengeance is such sin that blinds us from the truth. Such sins can also destroy fellowships like between Harry and Peter. When truths unveil themselves, we finally realise our huge mistakes and ask for forgiveness. Had we tried to know the truth, forgive and not bear such deep hate and vengeance, there won’t be so much conflicts…

Mary Jane Watson,

“We’ve all done terrible things to each other, but we have to forgive each other. Or everything we ever were will mean nothing.”

Friendship, Fellowship and Sacrifice

Later on at the showdown between Spider-man and Goblin vs Venom and Sandman, it showed how much friendship and fellowship meant in times of crisis. The scenes where Peter and Harry worked hand in hand to fight against their common enemy, Satan, who had blinded Flint and Eddie with sins…

Harry intercepted Venom’s death dealing stab on Peter shows how we should put others before us, like how Jesus died for us and our sins…

I loved the conclusion by Harry a lot.

“Life is really about choices you make.”

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