New Relationships

Posted on: April 30, 2007

By Jane Chan

New relationships

When you are old enough and have been through enough relationships, you would like to think that you can separate the good from the bad. See the special ones coming and grab it with both hands. The thing with relationships is that, it is often rare for both to feel exactly the same way about each other… you are both attracted to each other of course, but one may be think of it more like a fling, where as the other may think of it as a long term thing. It is oh so rare to find that someone who treasures you as much as you cherish them…

Unfortunately, even when you find that someone and knows that he or she is special, because what you have see and been through… it might be exactly that (both of your past/history) that’s stopping the relationship from proceeding. Both of you have been badly hurt, and none of you want to go through all that pain again. How do you continue from there? Both of you want it so much, but are afraid to get burnt… Yes, it requires that leap of faith… both of you need to make the jump together and believe that the other person won’t hurt you and let you fall.

Well, I am standing at the cliff edge, with my arms stretched out…ready to make the leap…. will he take my hands and jump with me?

Oh so true… My similar situation in Jane’s context… I am ready to make my leap but perhaps I will be jumping off alone to yet another deeper valley…



也许,我应该放手。让祖替我铺路 。让他主导一切。让他决定一切。

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