Proper Lifestyle

Posted on: April 19, 2007

After leaving Secondary School for Polytechnic, I think I haven’t had a proper lifestyle. Maybe I never had a proper lifestyle before… In secondary school, I only exercise in Physical Education classes and Cadet Corps trainings. At least there was some physical activity then, nowadays I totally don’t exercise…

It’s only when we feel sick then will we understand the need for a proper lifestyle. So what’s a proper lifestyle? I would say sleeping enough, drinking enough, exercising enough and eating moderately…

I had a hard time sleeping last night because of indigestion. I had 2 Ba Zhangs for lunch, 1 chicken pie and 1 curry puff for tea break and 1 chocolate cake above my dinner. I woke up all night, feeling nauseous. I went to bed at 2 AM and had to wake 7 AM this morning. That’s already too little sleep plus the indigestion, I think I didn’t even catch 3 hours of sleep…

I woke up and went to school with that troubled tummy and tiredness. By 3 PM, I felt as though I was going to drop dead in Canteen 1 but I still had to attend IBSM meeting. I am stressed up over IBSM presentation. I had led my project group into doing unnecessary work and now I don’t dare to distribute any work to them until I get most things done myself… Furthermore, my brain simply shut off and there was no way I am going to make right decisions…

By the end of IBSM meeting, my energy level and emotions rock bottomed. I could stand and walk but there’s this giddiness in my head… I was so mentally preoccupied by how my IBSM presentation has been progressing badly… I think I will get a nervous breakdown any time soon.

I looked out of the window on bus. The greenery somehow calmed me down a little, it brought me away from my negative thoughts. I came home, took a bath and decide that I should take my rest, clear my mind and regain myself…

A simple case of not eating moderately can have so much consequences. Indigestion affects my sleep. Not having enough sleep affects my mood. Not having the right mood affects how the mind and things work out.

I seriously need to rethink my lifestyle. Eating much, sleeping less, drinking less, no exercise. I need to start watching my diet, start drinking enough liquid, start exercising and start maintaining a regular sleeping pattern.

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