School and Censorship

Posted on: April 17, 2007

First lecture of the semester. Advanced Financial Accounting. I had quite a hard time trying to understand what Mr Lim was trying to say… I guess my brain is still in the vacation mood and have not reverted back to study mode…

After lecture, I had a 3 hour break before IBSM project meeting at 4PM. I had lunch and finished my Advanced Financial Accounting tutorial as scheduled on my Google Calendar. I feel good to be keeping up with the schedule!

The project, which I am the still-very-lost leader, is going well. Denise tried very hard to bring her point through while the others chatted among themselves. We finally know what to do for the presentation and distributed the work to each member.


I am going to touch on the probable need to exercise some form of moderation and censorship… After my IBSM trip, I guess my blog has been providing quite a bit juicy news and I have been receiving quite a bit of very kind complimentary publicity and advertising.

In short 18 days, my blog has garnered almost 3,000 page hits. That will be around 166 page hits a day, which is higher than the entire blog’s daily average of 98 page hits. Assuming the average 98 page hits are for my past posts, 35 hits for my recent Salvation then 33 page hits came from the juicy news…

Wow. I certainly want to thank everyone who contributed to that. 100,000 page hits will be the next milestone, which certainly would be made possible once the whole School of Business and Accountancy reads my blog…

Well… I am so touched that so many people is concerned over my life, especially love life… I have never imagined my blog to be the spark of widespread discussions… Has my blog moved up another level? I hope so…

Waffle, to speak and write evasively. I think I will need to start living up to that Blog Name soon by practising more discretion to what I publish and convey to the readers… Actually, the juiciest news ain’t here… Leave a comment there if you ever find it… LOL!

Had Half Price Waffle with chocolate and chips ice cream topping at Gelare, Holland V.


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