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Posted on: April 8, 2007

I always had a huge doubt with a certain Christian belief. That only believers will be entitled to Eternal Life. I always had a problem believing it. Since God is the One and Only, whatever the non-believers are praying to is actually nothing… Since they are worshipping nothing, Our ever loving and forgiving God would bring them back home, to His Kingdom, together with all of us.

Today, I was surfing the Internet. I visited ChristianAnswers.Net, a website my cousin recommended me. I surfed around the site and came across this article, “Does Christianity need to develop a new Gospel adapted to today’s world?“.

I wasn’t particularly looking for any answer but God led me to the answer to my biggest doubt. That moment, I experienced enlightenment. I couldn’t stop thanking God and praising the Lord. I was overwhelmed throughout that several hours and am still overjoyed! He’s just amazing!

Below’s the extract from the article that answered my doubt. If you have time, do read the article as well.

The gospel does seem contrary to natural human reasoning. The natural man tends to think either in terms of materialism (that is, that the present life is all there is and therefore no one is really “saved”), or universalism (that is, that all people will somehow eventually be saved), or moral relativism (that is, that those who are saved are saved by their good works, and those who are not saved are lost for lack of good works).

To people who reason as above, the gospel of Christ does seem unreasonable,

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him” (1 Corinthians 2:14).

Nevertheless, the false gospels proposed by men are utterly inadequate.

  • Materialism denies that God is a God of love and wisdom, and in effect says that nothing has real meaning or purpose.
  • Universalism ignores the holiness and justice of God, supposing that He will not punish sin and ultimately settle all accounts.
  • Moral relativism assumes there is no objective moral standard in the universe, against which all decisions and actions must be measured and thus that any divine decisions as to a person’s destiny is merely capricious.

None of these human philosophies are really satisfying, either intellectually or spiritually. Therefore, none of them will offer a man a confident hope for eternity.


4 Responses to "My Answer!"

Good to hear you discovered an appropriate answer to your dilemma. Sadly too many others are less discerning and rather than accept the truth about Who God is and His nature that demands justice for sin whether we like the fact or not, they arrogantly insist that they know Him better, and they KNOW He could not and would not destroy them because they are so “good”!! But that’s always been man’s deepest problem – arrogance and pride – and we know where that first originated and continues to stem from. Mans ‘right’ is to be condemned to hell because none of us can put right what Adam put wrong, which is why it required Jesus to die in our place to give us any hope of being reconciled to God – who ultimately paid the highest price for desiring that for Himself. And those who figure that everyone will somehow get into heaven tend to measure their own merit by looking at those they consider more sinful than themselves – they should know that God doesn’t join them in that game – He measures sin in black and white without gradients – no one sin is any worse than any other, thus ALL sin and wrongdoing merits His Justice to act and from the moment Adam & Eve committed the first sin, it has ALWAYS demanded a blood sacrifice to pay the price – Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice and it is ONLY in accepting that fact and submitting to God through Jesus redemptive work on the cross that any of us have a hope of gaining access to heaven. Christians are only redeemed sinners – we are no better or less of a sinner than anyone else. Enjoyed your post. TKR

Yes, Ha Tikvah, I used to think I know Him better. My arrogance, pride and “logical” reasonings…
Now I pray and thank Him for his forgivingness and numerous chances he gave me to come back to know Him all over again.
Thanks for reading and am glad that you enjoyed it.

[…] They share my doubt about God. About why only Christians are granted Eternal Life when God is so perfect and so loving. I shared with them “My Answer!”. […]

I happened upon this blog… not even looking for it – and not sure how I got here… but have struggled [quietly in the midst of Christian community] with the same issue of why would God only SAVE christians. Your simple, concise reasoning brought much clarity. Sometimes a simple organization of truth – allows it to assimilated.

You were a blessing today without even knowing it. I guess when we desire to live consistently with the purposes of God, those purposed get fulfilled in ways we do not even understand.

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