Family Day

Posted on: April 6, 2007

Today’s Good Friday. The day Our Lord, Jesus, died for us on the Cross. My mobile’s alarm clock rang at 6.15 AM but I didn’t wake that instant. I snoozed the alarm but a voice spoke to me… “Ain’t you having Service today?” I recalled and jumped out of bed! While I brush my teeth and put on my contact lenses, I tried but couldn’t know who spoke to me…

I set off at 6.55 AM. Took a 184 to Pending LRT Station and got on 966 at 7.20 AM. I managed to reach Octopus coffee shop at 8 AM which was 30 minutes before the meeting time. I met Joe and we waited until everyone came before proceeding to TouchCentre where Good Friday service was held.

Joanna preached today regarding Luke 6:48. The Wise and Foolish Builders. Joanna shared 3 points about building our own and spiritual family. We have to dig deep, lay foundation on rock and build the house well. How much do we know our family members? How strong is each individual? What our relationships are built on? If one were to fall, will the whole house or family collapse?

Following was Pastor William’s preach. He shared about the year, Year of Victory, with regards to Esther 3, 6 and 7-10. The story of Mordecai. I very much agree to his, “Without war, there will not be Victory”. By naming the year Year of Victory, it actually also means it is a year of difficulties, storms, battles and wars. He named the example of Spartans in the movie 300. We should fear not even in the face of our giant enemies!

After service, we had lunch at Roland’s Restaurant then the Ohana tribe had our very own “Amazing Race” at East Coast Park! It was a really nice activity and I had loads of fun knowing my spiritual sister, nieces and nephews especially Gabriel, Justin and Kai Bing.

Our team of 9, completed 5.5 stations out of 6 and managed to win the Race!
PSST! Jasmine, why you blinked your eye?! LOL!

After the “Amazing Race”, Jessie, Jasmine, Florence, Jing Han and I headed down town. After so much cycling, we were all breaking but still shopping… We had dinner at Cineleisure before heading home separately.

Ah! What a great day that I managed to know Joe’s and William’s boys and other tribe members. Thank God that I really feel so at home at Dennis’ cell! I really do hope that I can remember their names and know each of them better.

2 Responses to "Family Day"

im huijin’s friend! so glad to know u received Christ! He is good in my life, and will be good in yours too! haha! i prayed for u before, but it is God who draws you to Him! praise Him! welcome to our family of Christ! so overjoyed and encouraged! i pray your passion for Him will never never cease!

bless you brother in Christ!

I know you, Sylvester…
Haha! Thank you again and bless you my brother!

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