Posted on: April 1, 2007

Today is the 1st of April. Universally known as April’s Fool Day. This is my 18th April’s Fool Day and April’s Fool Day 2007 has just become a very special day for me. This day, I accepted Christ.

I know this sounds ridiculous, incredible, unbelievable and whatsoever to people who know me especially close friends. Gone are the days when I hate Evangelists who try to force Christianity on me. I am gradually understanding their kind intentions and thank them for their invitations.

Let me clarify, this is not an April’s Fool joke. I am telling the utmost truth that I accepted Christ on this day. 1st April 2007.

Previously, I was given 2 chances to seek the Kingdom of God. A close buddy, Hui Jin, invited me to Church of Singapore Bukit Timah when I was 17. Perhaps it wasn’t my time, I couldn’t accept Christ instead had a bad impression of Modern Christianity.

A second chance came when I was 18. Yan Ling, a KSS junior, invited me to Faith Community Baptist Church. With that bad impression stuck in mind, I rejected her invitation and even challenged her Christianity knowledge.

Recently, my third chance came. Faith Community Baptist Church appeared in my Life again. I got to know Jasmine from my Pearl River Delta study trip. Through religion discussions, Denise, Jasmine and I got to know each other better. Understanding my religious stance, Jasmine thought it would be a miracle if I come to know God…

Indeed, a miracle happened…

I was such a dweller. I used to associate myself with Buddhism but I did not commit myself. I was not able to progress spiritually and character-wise. When Jasmine told me about FCBC, I saw it as a chance and took it. I had to do something. I needed some form of commitment in order to better myself, my life…

I guess the time is ripe, now and here. I asked Jasmine to bring me to FCBC today and I accepted Christ into my Life. I am grateful that I was given so many chances. God is sure forgiving. I was rebellious but he did not gave me up. I thank Jesus who died for us and our sins so we can be reunited with our Lord.

Today, I experience rebirth! Today, I will make changes to my life. Today, I will better my character. Today, I build Christ-ness. Today, I come home.

This week’s Lord’s Supper Service. Pastor Melvyn Mak preached about Reaping What We Sowed. I managed to meet up my Father Dennis and cell and shared about being street smart with reference to 1 Samuel 21.

5 Responses to "Rebirth"

fwah that was fast. that day we were still discussing.

anw, congrats! happy that u have found a faith u can believe in.

hey dickson!! im so glad to hear about this man! i really thought that it was an april fools’ joke at first. but im realy so glad to hear this. you dunno how many angels are rejoicing man because of you!

really happy for u!!!!! =D haaz… couldn’t stop screaming when i saw yr tag sia.. =p! welcome to the family!!! (: God love u!!!! woweeee…!

dickson! i am so so glad to hear you received Him! i prayed for you before. alot of people too i think! it is not by chance that you come to know Him! i am overjoyed like cherie who told me! haha! welcome to the family of Christ. it is a long run with Christ, but i am sure it is all worthwhile! i pray that your passion for God will never cease! God bless u my brother!

AH! Thank you all so much for everything! I just managed to clear one of my biggest doubts and I am overjoyed! Thank God and Praise the Lord! He showed me the way and the answer to my question. He’s really amazing! I shall share about it in my next post.

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