My First Lottery Ticket

Posted on: February 27, 2007

After driving lesson, I was still undecided on whether I should go buy a Toto ticket before going home… At the bus stop, Bus Service 188 came first so I decided to go ahead. 188 brings me to Chua Chu Kang Interchange where I change to a feeder bus service 302 which will bring me to this 7 Eleven store…

There was no queue so I went straight to the counter. I told the auntie, “五毛的,我要两块。六个号码的。。。” which means “I want $2 worth of $0.50. The one with 6 generated numbers…”.

I am a total newbie at lottery with all the jargon… The auntie misunderstood and printed 6 tickets of which I only took the first with the only $2 in my wallet… I apologised for confusing her and quickly left the awkward scene…

I looked at my ticket while walking back to Yew Tee MRT station to take a train home… To my horror, my ticket had quite horrible combinations! The numbers were quite concentrated and not spreaded throughout the 1-45 range…

Then I thought maybe I should have bought all the 6 tickets the auntie printed using NETS… Those tickets were generated with my luck and now some other people will be getting them the remaining 5 tickets… What if, what if one of them is going to be the winning ticket?!

Oh whatever, if it’s going to be mine then it will…

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1 Response to "My First Lottery Ticket"

havent came here for some time.
hahahhas. quickpicks are lidat. just tell her 4 50cent quickpick can liao. hahas. XD

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