Posted on: February 7, 2007

Strategise is what’s left that I can do now. The last week has been spent rather unproductively. There was this revision schedule on my Google Calendar which draws out 2 4-hour sessions a day for revision. Spending time to do up that revision schedule was a waste as I didn’t follow it…

Every day I would wake slightly before noon, come online, have lunch and slack around before going to nap as there was nothing else to do. Then in the night, I would try to turn in at 12 but can stay up to 2 before falling asleep. I think my subconscious is avoiding to study and my conscious mind gleefully follows suit… I will do anything but study…

It’s Wednesday and RFA is on Friday. After RFA, FMGT, AUD1 and MA1 would follow closely. Would there be sufficient time to study in between the papers? I doubt so. What’s left for me to do is strategise and make sure that I perfect the most awarding portions of each exam paper…

In my 2007 Resolution, I resolved to continue my good grades at NP. I desire for great results but if I don’t get them, it’s because I don’t deserve them…

In this coming examinations, I shall deal with a different style. I shall enter and exit the exam venue calmly. No discussions before and after the exam. I thought that should keep me calm and in the right mind for the coming/next exam paper. That should keep me focused and not drift off thinking whether it was still possible for good grades because those drifting places unnecessary stress on the coming papers…

It’s time for my conscious mind to take control to stop avoiding to study and self discipline…

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