“CD” Car… So What?!

Posted on: January 28, 2007

This morning, I joined my family to Vivocity for some shopping and lunch. Before I stepped out of the car-park, I saw a Red Peugeot 307SW parked at a very odd place. The Blue Handicap Lot.

Being that I have a handicapped cousin, I am usually more sensitive to such things. I bent down to double check if it was really a handicap lot and went around the car looking for the Handicap Decal, which I found none or at least it was not visible. The next thing I saw was the car plate which was indicative that the car was embassy registered.

OK, you have no handicapped person on board and you are an embassy employee. What right do you have to park on a Blue Handicap Lot?

My mom and I went to the information counter to tip-off about the car. Hours that we were in Vivocity, I did not hear any announcements for the car’s removal.

  1. You drive an Embassy car and you are not abiding by rules and laws? You have some special privileges that allow you do whatever you want even if it’s illegal?
  2. You have no handicapped person on board and you dare park on a Blue Handicap lot? Your inconsiderate act has deprived the allocated space for handicapped drivers. Even if it wasn’t illegal, it is “morally illegal”.
  3. Vivocity actually did not bothered or dared to do anything about it because it’s an Embassy car?

I say, so what if you drive an embassy car? You live in Singapore and abide whatever rules and laws there are here.


6 Responses to "“CD” Car… So What?!"

Wah… U din cover the car plate number ….
Got buy for 4d? :p

natsu> Heard people say the number open for last Wednesday already…
Don’t know… I only hope I don’t “strike 4D” only…

good one. we need more awareness for these rude in considerate people!

[…] S 9926 CD. If you happen to see this car, break a leg. I really mean break a leg! […]

You should submit this to http://rudesingaporeans.blogspot.com to let more people know.

Maybe I should setup a blog for Rude Foreigners… LOL!

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