Posted on: January 17, 2007

A staff from UOB called at 2.39PM. She informed me that my application for a Campus account cannot be approved because the Campus account is strictly for University students… She then suggested me to get a TX account instead. I agreed on the phone and proceeded to the UOB branch at Bukit Panjang Plaza.

I don’t really understand this particular regulation… My 19-year-old female counterpart, who is going to University in July, can apply for this account. I am a 19-year-old Polytechnic student and I am not eligible for the account? I am uneligible because the Campus account is a chequeing account.

It just seems illogical to me. Both of us are of the same age and we have the same mentality and ability. Is it that a Polytechnic student cannot write a cheque while a University student can? Is it that a Polytechnic student is less responsible than a University student? Don’t we call Polytechnic and University compounds the same “campus”?

Alright, whatever. It’s just a chequebook’s difference so I didn’t bothered and just applied for the TX account instead. I also applied for a TX Visa Debit card which will be mailed to me in about 14 days.

I was recalling my number of cards and accounts just now and I was wondering… U.O.B. is short for United Overseas Bank. P.O.S.B. is previously short for Post Office Savings Bank. Why isn’t MayBank’s short, May.B.?

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2 Responses to "MayB"

TX card is not too bad la, i’m using it too, but doesn’t look that high class cause everyone has it. Campus card, got what special thing?

Can write cheque lor….? LOL!

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