Saddam’s Execution Video

Posted on: January 3, 2007

Saddam Execution Video Draws Criticism

Grainy cell phone video of Saddam Hussein’s execution triggered international criticism Tuesday, with Britain’s deputy prime minister calling the leaked images “unacceptable” and the Vatican decrying the footage as a “spectacle” violating human rights.

Meanwhile, the Italian government pushed for a U.N. moratorium on the death penalty, Cuba called the execution “an illegal act,” and Sunnis in Iraq took to the streets in mainly peaceful demonstrations across the country.

The unofficial video showed a scene that stopped just short of pandemonium, during which one person is heard shouting “To hell!” at the deposed president and Saddam is heard exchanging insults with his executioners. The inflammatory footage also showed Saddam plummeting through the gallows trapdoor and dangling in death.

I saw the official version of the video on CNN, which in turn took it from Iraqi news station. I was unable to accept it even for an official version. I don’t know whose idea it was to distribute the video to the media. I don’t know whose idea it was to air Saddam’s execution on Iraqi news station. I don’t know whose idea it was to retrieve the video from Iraqi news station and air it to international audience.

It seems damn dumb to do so and I cannot find a reasonable excuse for it. Is it an exhibition of something? Of Justice? Of confidence to bring peace to Iraq? Of Iraq War success? Of Shiite power in the Arab countries? The execution video, be it cutdown or not, will only lead to a further split between the Muslim community, more politics and violence. I think it’s all a political gimmick.

Sometimes I ask what use is it of religions, beliefs and teachings…? In my opinion, I think they are all fine but the different interpretations of Man lead us to so much contradictions and disputes… Completely engrossed with getting their point through, they fight without realising they have fall victim to their so-called right ideologies.

In fact, the people of these countries hope for peace. They are sick and tired of such fightings. It’s the politicians that never end pursuing their political ambitions that result in the sufferings of their people… Politics definitely do Man no good.

I shall not embed the video here to show my disapproval to widespread of the video. Also, I would like to say that I base my comments and opinions on very little knowledge of Islam and Arab politics. If there are any offensive statements I made, I hereby apologise.


1 Response to "Saddam’s Execution Video"

Some people do have tendencies for Snuff films, so he might be fueling their cravings?

Anyhow, the US wanted to keep it hush-hush. If not for the video, we wouldn’t have possibly known that Saddam had been sent to the gallows in the first place!

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