Driving BTT

Posted on: December 10, 2006

This morning, my father accompanied me to Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC). I was there to register as a private candidate for Class 3A, or better known as the class of licenses that allows the holder to drive Automated cars.

I successfully registered and booked my Basic Theory Test date which is on 24 January 2007. That’s quite a long way from now and it isn’t what I really want. There isn’t much of a choice as the available choices are limited. My ideal test date would be within this month, so I can start driving with the Provisional Driving License next year.

I will keep trying daily to look for a Test date in December… Nevertheless, I am happy to have made the first step towards driving.


10 Responses to "Driving BTT"

Is an “Automated” car what we in America would call a car with an automatic transmission?

Mike Seneca

Hi Mike, I don’t think so. I meant Auto-gear cars…
Those that you just need to step on the accelerator…
Those that you don’t have to change gears…

I understand!

It’s so interesting to read how language evolves!

In America, we say those same cars have automatic transmissions, meaning the power is automatically transmitted from the engine to the wheels.

I do like the term “Automated car”! Perhaps the new Toyota that parks itself will be called the “Super-Automated Car”! Is Toyota advertising that car over there? Evidently, in parallel parking, one simply pulls up next to a car, your car automatically backs up, turns the wheel right and left, and fits itself into the parking space.

Here, the non-Automated cars are called “manual shift” and “stick shift”.

Nice talking to you!

Mike Seneca

Hi again!

Yah yah! I heard of those cars that automatically park itself! I saw this YouTube Video with the Lexus parking itself in! That’s like so cool!

Here, we call non-automated cars, manual cars too. Actually I am not even sure if I used the right terms because we just use those when we talk to friends… So we go, “You learning Auto ah? Orh… I am learning Manual…”. Haha!

Nice talking to you too!

My Friend Dickson,

I speak English because the English beat the French in a major battle in Quebec a couple of hundred years ago; otherwise, America would be French-speaking.

My ancestors are actually Hungarian (Central Europe).

It is amazing to me that you and I are able to communicate via English, in a sense a language foreign to both of us, because of previous forays into the world by the British!

General Wolfe, the victorious British commander who died in that battle (about 1765), predicted that someday all of North America will speak Spanish. Unfortunately, Spanish is slowly encroaching on English here. We are in a sense becoming a country with two languages. The Latins are pouring in from Latin America. At least Latin women are very beautiful!

Mike Seneca

Yep! That’s very true. I live in Singapore which was a British colony until 1962.
That’s how English came here and became our “First” language or perhaps the Language of Administration.

I have Chinese Ancestry who came down south to Singapore looking for a better future. Other races include Malays, Indians are also here.

You sure you don’t want to learn how to drive a manual car instead? I think most cars in Europe are manual cars, well at least that’s the case in France. Might be a good idea to learn how to drive a manual car so as not to restrict the cars you can drive in the future. Plus it’s not too difficult! 🙂

I am lazy to change gears…
Actually I am not worried about being restricted as long as there’s wheels for me to travel.
If going overseas, I will need to convert the license, which is about the same as learning another license… I can learn by that time…

Only gays learn auto gears car .. so too bad, u cant drive ANY performance cars ..

AQUA> Thank you for your reminder. I am not planning to drive ANY performance car…

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