Studying at Harvard

Posted on: November 14, 2006

After watching Love Story in Harvard, I had this urge to go study at Harvard… The atmosphere and everything seems to be just DIFFERENT! It’s like a norm to dress like a dud and it’s OK if your hair’s in a mess. Everyone there just seems to be so hard at work, at the library, running around, having a book in hand. Other than studying, there is a rich selection of clubs, interest groups, teams etc.

Love Story in Harvard was actually filmed in UCLA most of the time… Perhaps it’s not Harvard that I like but UCLA? Maybe it doesn’t really matter because all universities have this sort of atmosphere… The mugging atmosphere… You don’t have to be in Harvard or UCLA… NUS, NTU or SMU would be similar…

I did a bit of research on Harvard. Apparently, Harvard Business School only offers MBA and Doctoral programs. You cannot get a degree from there. It’s only at Faculty of Arts and Sciences where you can get a business-related degree and there’s no Bachelors in Accountancy… There’s only Economics, Statistics and Finance… Actually pursuing a Law degree isn’t a bad idea… I think I am interested in Law since I liked Business Law but that isn’t conclusive…

The whole Harvard or American education system is just so weird to me because I have been under the British education system. Most of the time,  we only need to choose our course and the modules will come along with it. As for the American system, you get to choose different courses (what they call modules) and accumulate the total number of Merit Points to graduate.

After so much researching, it is just virtually impossible for me to study at Harvard. I should be just not smart enough and cost to study there is astronomical. I calculated for tuition, accommodation, food, health services, insurance etc and it amounted to approximately USD $45,000 for each semester. That’s around SGD $70,000. I think I will settle for Local University although I am now more receptive towards overseas schooling…


2 Responses to "Studying at Harvard"

i am watching it on scv also =.= casted before but didnt catch it then.
i heard its a sad ending too =(

Happy Ending la…
She got recover after the conspiracy cleared…

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