ReviewMe Review

Posted on: November 14, 2006

I got to know about ReviewMe on StevePavlina.com Forums. ReviewMe is basically a site and portal where Bloggers and Advertisers meet. For what? For Business.

As we all know, huge companies have many bloggers reviewing their new products and services each day. When new market players enter the industry, it’s usually difficult to have people review their products or services. Hence, their product or service might just hang around, get no sales or publicity. Here’s where ReviewMe comes handy.

With it’s database of Bloggers, Advertisers can browse through and look for suitable candidates to review their product or service. Depending on the Rating of the blogger, the Advertiser will have to pay for the Reviewing fee.

These reviews from Bloggers will then slowly circulate amongst their regular readers which is a form of advertisement for the Advertiser. Since people usually ignore advertisements, such review blog entries are much more effective than paying for advertisements.

As a Blogger on ReviewMe, you will have a personal Blogger Toolkit.

The Toolkit is very comprehensive. Home will be where updates will be. Edit Account will be where you change your name, particulars, address and how you want to receive your pay through Check or PayPal. You can have up to 6 blogs on ReviewMe through Submit a Blog. Manage my sites will be where you can can edit descriptions for your blogs and see how much each review is worth on them. Manage my reviews and View my payments are self-explanatory.

At ReviewMe, all Bloggers have to do is register for an account and wait for an advertiser to offer you to write a review. Advertisers look for you instead of the other way round. So just sit back and wait for some assignments and paychecks to come in. As easy as that.

The only problem I have with ReviewMe is perhaps the Price and Payout. For every review I write, it’s worth USD $60 but I will only receive 50% payout of USD $30. I understand ReviewMe has to charge for operating fixed costs but I think the percentage can be lowered to maybe 15-20%.

Overall, it’s a very clean, understandable website. However, earning a decent pay from plain reviewing might be quite a feat. That’s all for this review, ReviewMe review.

Definitely unbiased
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