Love Story in Harvard

Posted on: November 10, 2006

Please note that I have just updated the blog with 4 other entries below this. Life have been busy and I haven’t been able to update on a daily basis. I only saved the main points for each day and finally managed to complete them and post today.

Life have been busy because I spent late nights watching Love Story in Harvard

This should be perhaps the second drama recommendation of this blog. This time, another Korean drama serial. Love Story in Harvard is an older production as compared to Goong which was aired early this year. Love Story in Harvard was aired between late-2004 and early-2005, almost 2 years ago.

Lee Jung-jin, Kim Min, Kim Tae Hee and Kim Rae Won

Love Story in Harvard is obviously about a love story in the ivy-league school, Harvard University… It’s the story of Kim Hyun-woo (Kim Rae Won), a law student at Harvard Law School. It’s about his love story with Lee Soo-in, a medical student. It’s about the love rectangle between him, Soo-in, Jung-min (Lee Jung-jin) and Yoo Jin-ah (Kim Min).

Hyun-woo loves Soo-in. So does Jung-min. However, Soo-in only loves Hyun-woo. While Jin-ah loves Jung-min, he doesn’t loves her… What a complicated love rectangle…

Hyun-woo and Jung-min ain’t only love rivals but also rivals at school. They compete in basketball, written assignments, mock trials and everything else academic.

While Jung-min works very hard every time, he loses to Hyun-woo in love and school. Hyun-woo often times, win by luck.

Soo-in is a poor student in Harvard. She works many jobs to pay for her school fees and living expenses. In the serial, we can see all her hardship, trials and great determination to become a doctor.

Three of them finally graduate from Harvard. Soo-in goes off to South America where she practice medicine to help the needy. Hyun-woo returns to Korea and become a lawyer, refusing aid from his lawyer father. Jung-jin remains in USA, working for Jin-ah.

Fate brought them back together again in Korea and they got involved in a complex conspiracy. Soo-in gets ill. Hyun-woo and Jung-jin debates in court regarding the conspiracy and outside court regarding Soo-in.

I shall not divulge more or it would become a spoiler but it’s a happy ending. Love Story in Harvard is definitely as good as if not better than Goong. Definitely a good serial to watch next.

Oh yes, the OST for Love Story in Harvard is so motivating especially for studying! Now I want to go to Harvard too!

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4 Responses to "Love Story in Harvard"

Aaargggh! Not this!!!

My wife watched this, like, erm… 2.5x altogether! Hahahah!

Good show, of course need to watch few more times la!
Somemore got chio bu lead actress!

i love this movie so much…
it`s give me spirit to study hard to get my ambitions…
someday…maybe i wanna go to harvard…

i am inlove….from head to toe….
yes, i am inlove with “A Love story in Harvard”

have just seen till the 7 episode, and now i am already falling for it…it give me a feeling which is soft and sweet…always smiling to myself…life seems so beautiful…

Don’t i sound like a teenage falling inlove for the first time…really! this is the feeling i have it right now..the feeling of Heaven…

So, i say….i am inlove with “a love story in Harvard”.

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