Posted on: November 8, 2006

After class today, I came home for lunch before heading down to Orchard Road. I was going to Orchard Emerald, opposite Somerset MRT Station.

I thought of keeping my hair long but the natural curl just knocks that thought off… It is far too difficult to handle hair with curling ends… They just don’t go the way you want them to be. Also, the long scorching days at Cambodia had somehow worsen my hair conditions. Therefore, I decided to chop it off…

I visited X’pect Studio on the 3rd storey of Orchard Emerald. I looked for Srico Wee, a highly recommended stylist on forums. He asked if I had anything in mind. Apparently not, I always trust the person that cuts my hair. I give them the permission to experiment and just do what they deem fit.

He started cutting and it seems that a certain of skillfulness is needed to cut my hair…

I am very impressed with the results. It’s just a whole new me… Off with the fringe. Spiky on the front. Punkish and moehawkish on the back. It’s unique and that’s what makes the cut worth it. Despite much shocks, criticisms and exclamations, I love my hair so bother me only with compliments… LOL!

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1 Response to "X’pect-ed"

Wah! Very nice indeed.

I’ve decided to go for a haircut there at month end. My hair is sooo horrid… ='(

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