Gastric Flu

Posted on: October 31, 2006

I slept with a very bloated stomach last night, feeling nauseous… I woke up at 4 AM, puked and had a diarrhea… Feeling really weak and tired, I went back to sleep…

This morning I woke up feeling lethargic… I am having a case of gastric flu… Managed to get pills from my mom’s past medications and went on to school…

As much as I hope, I can stay home to rest and recuperate, I cannot… I am having EAA workshop today and skipping it means I would miss out a lot… There’s going to be an online test next week also… I cannot afford to skip school…

After EAA, the pills worked really well and I decided to stay back in school for MA1 lecture at 3 PM. I persevered fighting the drowsiness of the medication through MA1 lecture…

After lecture, I went home straight but the clinic’s closing soon… I had to wait for 7 PM before the clinic is open again so I went to rest until dinner before going to see the doctor…

So I have 4 medications and a MC for tomorrow…


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