Step Down!

Posted on: October 26, 2006

For all these, I think he ought to step down as MP…

A lesson learnt, says MP and dad Wee Siew Kim
Esteemed Mr Wee Siew Kim, MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC

“What she said did come across as insensitive. The language was stronger than what most people could take.

But she wrote in a private blog and I feel that her privacy has been violated. After all, they were the rantings of an 18-year-old among friends. (1)

I think if you cut through the insensitivity of the language, her basic point is reasonable, that is, that a well-educated university graduate who works for a multinational company should not be bemoaning about the Government and get on with the challenges in life. (2)

Nonetheless, I have counseled her to learn from it. Some people cannot take the brutal truth and that sort of language, so she ought to learn from it. (3)

In our current desire to encourage more debated, especially through the Internet, our comments must be tempered with sensitivity.

I will not gag her, since she’s 18 and should be able to stand by what she says.

The new media of the Internet is such that if you don’t like what she has said, you have the right of rebuttal.

Hopefully, after the discussion, everyone will be the richer for it. As a parent, I may not have inculcated the appropriate level of sensitivity, but she has learnt a lesson, and it’s good that she has learnt it at such an early stage in life.”

  1. So your daughter’s privacy is violated and her blog is a”private” blog and whatever she writes should not be mass reproduced to be discussed. What about our dear friends who got warnings and jail terms for seditious comments? Could “private” blog be a valid defense in the eyes of Law? I do not think so. Double standard. I think I do not have to elaborate more because other bloggers have spoken about locking blog entries to make it “private” and be viewed “privately” only by friends.
  2. Are you trying to point out that this group of people, Mr Derek Wee and other well-educated university graduates who bemoans about the Government, are blardy whiners who cannot get on with life? Is that an insult? I ask, “Isn’t it the Government’s job to better our lives?”. And by bettering our lives does not only mean more jobs and better GDP. It means the well-being of our entire society. In your opinion, you think our society is well? Somehow or another, I don’t think so…
  3. “Some people cannot take the brutal truth and that sort of language,…”. May I ask what “truth”? That Elites get all the bread while the others eat grass? That some people are plain lucky to be born with a silver spoon, enjoy life while others slog their lives away to make ends meet? And what “language”? Do you Elites have a special tongue that is so vulgar but acceptable to your species only?

Honestly, I don’t see any tactfulness in your comment on the matter. It’s just not up to my expectation of a Member of Parliament and a politician. Is it because you belong to the unrivaled PAP that you somehow grew wings? In my humble opinion, I certainly feel you are not fit to be a MP.


1 Response to "Step Down!"

Yes! I like your arguement. very swift. You go buddy.

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